IT Technical

ITBI™ delivers insights into capacity and performance data allowing IT technical departments to maintain the overview of usage and trends, as well as the possibility to drill-down into root causes of abnormal behaviors.

Furthermore, ITBI gives you these advantages:

  • Identify Server rightsizing opportunities
  • Evaluate and deliver data supporting MF Modernisation processes, including identify candidates for offload and following up on the achieved capacity savings
  • Workload Management (WLM) Setup to ensure alignment with business priorities, and ensure that capacity reductions do not result in quality of service problems
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SMT Service

Based on ITBI, SMT Data helps customers reviewing the overall infrastructure and recommends improvements. Objective of an ITBI-supported Total Health Check (THC) is to improve the overall performance of the customers’ IT infrastructure, including cost effectiveness and quality of service.

ITBI can support migration partially or fully away from Mainframe by keeping the customer on track when offloading and helps monitor the capacity and performance base-lines on both mainframe and the receiving distributed platform.

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