IT Operations

ITBI™ allows the IT organization to optimize the IT infrastructure and thereby reduce and avoid costs while improving system performance and availability.

Furthermore, ITBI gives you these advantages:

  • Understand IT capacity related cost-drivers in order to optimize
  • Explain deviations in IT infrastructure costs compared to budget and historical trends
  • Optimize system parameters and improve quality of service
  • Plan IT infrastructure capacity needs based on trends
  • Understand technical changes and their impact on costs
  • Rightsize infrastructure to documented needs
  • Identify unused capacity for de-commissioning
  • Software License Optimization based on an understanding of utilization
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SMT Service

Based on ITBI, SMT Data can assist you with targeted services for all the areas mentioned on the left. For instance, our Mainframe Optimization Service and Rightsizing of Servers involves a minimum of resources from the customer side and on average delivers 15% optimization potential.

Download Rightsizing Servers Whitepaper
Download Optimizing z/OS Systems