Corporate Development

ITBI™ allows the company to make better business decisions by providing insight into the IT cost implications of strategic choices.

Furthermore, ITBI gives you these advantages:

  • Support M&A activities by analyzing the involved organizations’ IT capacity baselines, to evaluate synergies and possible savings by merging the environments
  • Support fact-based decisions about virtualization and cloud migration processes
  • Understanding how business initiatives and behavior impact IT infrastructure costs
  • Ability to follow up on performance- and infrastructure-related KPIs
  • Ability to evaluate sourcing negotiations via before/after analysis
  • Decisions about Mainframe outsourcing and -offload
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SMT Service

Based on ITBI, SMT Data can assist in providing baseline analysis and before/after analysis as well supporting decision making process in important business decisions such as M&A, Sourcing and Outsourcing considerations and negotiations, Virtualization, Mainframe Offload and Journey to Cloud