From today it is possible for SMT Data’s customers to strengthen their project teams by involving SMT Data’s expert consultants.

SMT Data has over 30 years of experience within enterprise capacity and performance management. Our expert consultants have world class knowledge in a broad range of specialized IT areas. “We are very proud to have among our consultants some of the world’s foremost and widely recognized experts within a large number of IT capacity and performance areas such as DB2, CICS, outsourcing, Cloud considerations, Mainframe Architect and the like.” says Mads Ehlers Rasmussen, CIO at SMT Data.

“Our consultants’ main task is to support customers in exploiting the enormous strengths of our software solution via Managed Services and specialized ITBI-based services. However, based on the strong demand for their specialized knowledge and thanks to the increased automation of our solution, we have decided to allow customers to access some of our specialized competences to support individual customer projects.”

Find out what consultancy competences SMT Data’s team can support you with: read more here.

For more information contact CIO Mads Ehlers Rasmussen.

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