SMT Data reflects on the effects of the Corona lock-down on its work culture and processes and learns from it.

There is no doubt that the Corona lock-down has represented a tremendous change in the way we work and live. Many things have been challenging but new opportunities have emerged too. Learning from the Corona lock-down can help improving effectiveness and performance while at the same time securing an even higher job satisfaction and work-life balance.

In his recent blog, SMT Data’s CEO Nils Kierkegaard shares some results from the internal survey that was conducted right after the lock-down at SMT Datas Headquarter was removed. He also describes what efforts were made to secure cohesiveness within the company, closeness to the customers and the strengthening of the internal team spirit, in accordance to the company strategy.

“During the next months, we will work on identifying ways to respond to this new knowledge and conclusions from our survey. We will have to develop new mechanisms that ensure a new level of work flexibility without harming the team’s energy level and creativity.” says Nils Kierkegaard

Read Nils Kierkegaard’s blog here.


Nils Kierkegaard, CEO / +45 2442 4299

Nils Kierkegaard, CEO

Nils Kierkegaard has been part of SMT Data’s management since 2009. Nils has more than 30 years of experience from executive positions within the IT industry.