At SMT Data we value keeping our customers updated about the latest developments within Capacity and Performance thereby helping them getting the best out of their IT Infrastructure. For this reason, during the last years, we have strengthened our focus on marketing and communication.

Currently, we have the pleasure of having Bolette Haahr as an intern with focus on digital marketing and communication. Bolette is a “virtual intern”, due to the Corona restrictions. Even if we can not enjoy her physical company at our Headquarters in Holte, we appreciate her efforts within social media and digital marketing communication.

“As a dynamic software company, SMT Data is always looking for new ways of adding value to our customers. Digital marketing and communication is an area in rapid and profound transformation. We are very glad to have a young and skilled intern like Bolette helping us perfecting our skills within this area.” says Patrizia Christensen, COO at SMT Data.

Bolette holds a candidate in communication from Aalborg University, Copenhagen. She has experience in both internal- and external marketing and communication, among others from previous employments at ABB and Meyers.

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