SMT Data helps customers with optimizing their cost base and improving the utilization of their IT Infrastructure. Sometimes, this involves substituting software solutions with alternative ones. For many years, World Programming Limited has been a valued technology partner and their WPS Analytics software platform has been an integrated part of our offerings. This partnership is now strengthened and SMT Data has become an Authorized Reseller of WPS Analytics.

“SMT Data becoming an Authorized Reseller of WPS Analytics is a clear indication of our strengthened relationship to World Programming Limited . By migrating to WPS Analytics, customers can continue to run programs written in SAS language syntax, without the need to install any other third-party products. This typically results in costumers saving significantly on license costs. Furthermore, the solution allows costumers to maintain mission critical programs while taking advantage of the ability to mix Python and R capabilities with SAS language​​, and modernize to the cloud, or to a new on-premise platform, or to a hybrid of cloud and on-premise. We are happy to be able to add the WPS Analytics solution to the range of products and services that we can help our customers with.” says Jan Vilstrup, CCO at SMT Data.

About WPS Analytics:

WPS Analytics, created by World Programming Limited, is a collaborative platform for developers and business users of data analytics, offering the perfect blend of SAS language and open source. With WPS Analytics customers can typically reduce the cost of running existing SAS language programs with the ability to mix the language of SAS with Python, R and SQL in a single program or workflow, and enabling the deployment of analytics as APIs for on-demand use.

Read more about the advantages of WPS Analytics here.

For more information about the partnership contact CCO and Partner, Jan Vilstrup.

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