Cloud based IT Business Intelligence Solution. ITBIaaS for Semler Services’ Z/OS platform

SMT Data announces engagement with Semler Services – Cloud based IT Business Intelligence Solution.

After a successful Proof of Value project, Semler Services has decided to engage with SMT Data for delivery of a cloud based ITBI as a Service solution (ITBIaaS).

ITBIaaS is a complete and integrated ready to use service which provides valuable new information for decision makers at all organizational levels. The information is created through a combination of customer input regarding organization, applications, finance, and selected technical IT-measurements.

”The Proof of Value project, conducted through a three months period, clearly demonstrated how useful ITBI is to us” says Claus Nybroe, IT Operational Manager at Semler Services and continues: “With ITBIaaS we receive a solution which ensures insight and transparency within our Mainframe infrastructure and between IT and the business“.

For further information please contact:

Mr. Knud Skriver, County Manager Denmark

About Semler Services

Semler Services is the largest provider of IT solutions for the automotive industry in Denmark with more than 40 years of industry experience.

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