During the first months of 2021, SMT Data has been working on a pilot implementation of TARGIT 2021 into its software solution ITBI™ .

TARGIT is the advanced business intelligence (BI) and analytics tool used to support data visualization within ITBI.

The new version of the BI and data visualization tool has been integrated into a completely new user interface, meeting the customers among others with:

  • Improved user-friendly navigation with left-hand side scroll-down menu.
  • Enhanced security with 2-factor authentication.
  • Flexibility of password management.

“The new user interface is a first important step in the direction of a more elegant and accessible solution that will make important IT business analytics available for different roles in the organization. This is one of SMT Data’s priorities for the coming years. Capacity and performance data are not only relevant for the technical personnel but should be fully understood and followed by different key stakeholders within the organization. Our tool allows both technical and business people to have the full transparency into IT and performance metrics and costs and enables them to make informed decisions.” says Mads Ehlers Rasmussen, CIO at SMT Data and Head of DevOps.

The implementation of the newest version of TARGIT allows ITBI to even better support its users, giving them access to new and exciting insights and features:

  • A large number of new standard reports.
    • The number of new standard reports has almost doubled to 300.
    • Even more detailed CICS reporting.
  • Support for WebSphere.
  • Zoom out on all objects in one click.
  • “Trigger and Drill” on same object.
  • “Search only” and “required” criteria.
  • Back and zoom-out icons on screen.

TARGIT  highlights the integration into ITBI as a Success Story. “We’re taking huge amounts of performance capacity data for our biggest customers – it’s terabytes of data every day, and we’re aggregating that data and filtering it into a data warehouse. – says Steven Thomas, CTO at SMT Data during his interview with TARGIT – Then, we put TARGIT on top of it so the customers very quickly can access and understand the cost drivers, and then optimize their business (…) At the push of a button, the users have instant insight into their key data and the possibility to drill down into details to get a comprehensive understanding of the numbers.” Read more about TARGIT’s success story here.

The new version of ITBI will soon be available for SMT Data’s ITBI for Z and later on for ITBI for Servers customers.

For more information about ITBI contact us here.

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