As an important element in its overall strategy, SMT Data is increasing its focus on communication.

Besides the general announcements, which are mainly shared through its Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter), SMT Data wishes to secure that selected, relevant information reaches out to key contacts at different organizations.

Starting from this week, SMT data is therefore sending out a short Newsletter, ITBI News, with handpicked content.

The newsletter will be published 4-6 times a year and focuses on:

  • Product updates
  • Case Studies
  • Featured Blogs
  • Event invitations

ITBI News is only available in its digital version and requires subscription.

Subscription is recommended to anyone interested in enterprise IT capacity and performance management, Mainframe operations and optimization, IT architecture, IT Finance, IT sourcing.

Subscription form is to be found on the right-hand side of this article.

For more information contact SMT Data’s Marketing Department.

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