The new version of ITBI™ for z/OS , v152, is complete, and will be rolled out to SMT Data’s customers over the coming months. The new version includes WebSphere reporting, and DB2 improvements.

Application changes and improvements:

  • New version of WebSphere reporting including a new database cube and a new set of reports and analyses.
    • The new version is based on SMF type 120 subtype 9.
  • Network information related to DDF packages is provided as IP addresses in clear text rather than hexadecimal.
  • Int30 reporting provides standard functionality to carry out analyses per resource group and report class.

Platform improvements:

  • Technology upgrades to increase robustness, performance, maintainability and to enable future more advanced analyses.
  • Performance improvements including shortened processing time of new data and enhanced data availability.
  • Security update and hardening.
    • “A”-rating from SSL Labs.
  • Improved support for running a multi-server setup.

At SMT Data we are very proud to be able to create even more benefits for our customers, helping them reduce IT costs and improve performance.

If you have questions regarding this new version of ITBI please contact CTO Steven Thomas.

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