We have released the newest version of ITBITM for z/OS with a number of improvements.

ITBI™ for z/OS runs faster, is simpler to install, faster to upgrade and easier to operate.

The ITBI for z/OS 2019 R1 highlights:

  • The nightly processing of data has been optimized so the data cubes are ready earlier.
  • ITBI™ reports run faster.
  • Installation and upgrade have been automated, significantly reducing the effort and improving the quality.
  • Overall ITBI™ has become more robust, so that it is easier to operate and there are fewer operational issues that need to be handled manually.
  • Support for the latest MXG version ensuring support for the newer versions of z/OS and other IBM products
  • Support for SMF113 extended to include z14

We have started rolling out the new version to our customers.

If you have questions regarding this new version of ITBI please contact CTO Steven Thomas Steven.Thomas@smtdata.com or go to our Solution and Services catalog to learn about ITBI™ and our services in general.

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