GSE UK will be looking to build on the success of the 2020 and 2021 Virtual conferences and returns 7th-9th February 2023 with a virtual edition of the Mainframes are MAD conference.

SMT Data is silver sponsor of the conference and will also contribute with two presentations. One about Batch Performance Management by Mary Solomon, Mainframe Consultant at SMT Data, and another about Month to Month – Year to Year Capacity Planning by Elise Bundgaard, Solution Manager at Topdanmark and  Carsten Rasmussen, Senior ITBI Consultant at SMT Data. The preliminary schedule can be found here.

To grant access to the event, all conference attendees must register. You can do so here.


About Mainframes are MAD: Modern, Adaptable, Diverse

The theme for the conference is “Mainframes are MAD – Modern, Adaptable, Diverse”.

M is for Modern: today’s mainframe is a thoroughly modern platform, ‘the core of trusted digital experiences’. Fast, secure and resilient, it’s the heart of so many organisations. The system of record, the mighty transactional engine, providing real-time analytics for personalized digital experiences.

A is for Adaptable: the modern mainframe is also an extremely flexible and versatile platform – from System/360 to z15 it has moved with the times and reinvented itself decade after decade. It’s a trusted hub for the latest digital transformations and so often the lynchpin of today’s cloud strategies.

D is for Diverse: from banking, insurance and financial markets to healthcare, retail, travel and utilities, the modern mainframe is put to work in a multitude of ways. From supporting the surge in online retail and transactions during the pandemic to supporting patient care and life-saving research.

Read more about the conference here.


SMT Data’s services

SMT Data helps customers within different sectors achieve and maintain transparency into the relationship between IT capacity costs and business activities. Read more about SMT Data’s servicessolutions and consultancy offering here.

For more information about SMT Data’s services and solutions contact co-CEO Patrizia V. Christensen.

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