According to a recent international survey* 30 percent of all IT servers – or 10 million worldwide – are completely idle or severely underutilized. A sad verification of huge spending wasted in data centers.

The number of IT servers is skyrocketing. And even with a large increase in server virtualization this new study shows that an incredible amount of money is used on servers, which could easily have been saved. The study shows that about 30% of all servers are either unutilized or doing very little. This includes servers that at worst simply are using energy; at best performing less than 10%.

Experience from our projects with major Nordic companies confirm the findings of this new study, which show that most companies have much higher server costs than necessary. With our solution customers can easily follow trends and deviations as well as pin point both ‘hot’ servers and ’cold’ servers in their server farm. Our observations also show that many servers are either totally unused or typically with utilization rates less than 10%, measured over a one year period.

The average annual cost for a server is around €6,000 including software. For a company with thousands of servers, the annual potential savings is substantial. Without insight into their infrastructure companies are either unaware or unable to proactively work with these abundances of server capacity. But those who do all reap quick wins.

“My assessment is that in Scandinavia alone there is an overcapacity of servers that immediately could be saved, corresponding to an annual cost of up to 1 billion €” says CEO Jan Vilstrup and continues: “our experience from helping customers support the figures that the new study documented.”

*) Research published in June, 2015 by Jonathan Koomey, Research Fellow, Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance, Stanford University and Jon Taylor, Anthesis. /