At SMT Data we are honored to be finalists for the 2023 IMPACT Innovation Award, which the Computer Measurement Group (CMG) started with their partner Mullen Foundation last year in 2022.

SMT Data are considered for our work in reducing 3rd party dependencies in our ITBI™ solution. 3rd party dependencies were limiting our ability to act on customer demands and grow the business, and a project was established to build a new Technology Stack and Architecture as well as a team that could remove several barriers to support a rapidly growing business. With that, a new idealist strategy were set into motion.

“It takes a lot of courage, risk, and hard work to perform and execute an idealist strategy.” says co-CEO Mads Ehlers Rasmussen “Doing it is on the one hand fun – because you build something you believe (and know) will work – on the other hand it’s stressful because a lot of prioritization questions and criticism continuously needs to be held back. But when you stick to your ideal strategy you will end up getting impressive feedback”.

The Innovation Awards program was created to recognize individuals and teams who have driven IT improvements to drive significant change and extraordinary outcomes within their organizations, and we are very proud to be one out of three finalists for the award.

More information about the 2023 IMPACT Innovation Award can be found here.

For more information about the innovation project and ITBI, please contact co-CEO Mads Ehlers Rasmussen here.

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