BI is for managing your general business. ITBI is for managing your IT itself and managing the relationship between IT and business.

Conventional Business Intelligence (BI)

In conventional Business Intelligence (BI) the idea is to transform a company’s wealth of business data into solid and useful information. The two major challenges are to collect important, unambiguous key business data and arrange it into a meaningful data grid for intuitive extraction and to create an equally intuitive user interface to extract and present information in a way to provide overview as well as insight.

There are quite a few brilliant user interfaces on the market, but their true success always depend 100% on the contents and structure of the underlying data grid.

IT Business Intelligence (ITBI)

Most companies struggle to translate IT spending into higher revenues or lower non-IT operating expenses. And despite the fact that IT costs often cover a healthy part of a company’s budget conventional BI systems tend to neglect even the most basic data from within this area.

ITBI puts focus on IT-related information. It delivers standard data collection interfaces to all conventional IT platforms in order to provide quick implementation and return on investment.

IT systems generate a wealth of technical data (system statistics) describing anything from hardware utilization to user activity and service levels. A mainframe has more than 100,000 points of measurement and a Windows server more than 2,500, all recorded continuously. Even medium IT installations register many million rows and columns of measurement every single day. These detailed measurements are primarily used by real time monitors to evaluate the actual state against standard thresholds and display the results through dashboards etc.

The same data can however be used for creating useful information at all organizational levels. ITBI from SMT Data includes more than 200,000 active sets of rules and policies for reducing and refining standard IT measurements – and a user-friendly GUI to create even more for each individual customer.