SMT Data’s strategic development work is featured as an exemplary case by the Dreams and Details Academy

Since 2018, SMT Data has been working on a strategic organizational transformation based on the principles outlined in the world renown leadership bestseller Dreams and Details, published by Jim Hagemann Snabe and Mikael Trolle.

Starting from a position of strength, the company has undergone a significant revitalization both in terms of structure and culture, leading to a renewed focus on product innovation and international expansion.

The digital revolution has fundamentally changed the role of software, rendering it a structural necessity for both consumers and businesses. As a result, also forerunners in the software and services sector such as SMT Data, which in its 30 years of existence has always been a first mover, need to reconsider their reason for existing and keep on challenging themselves. One of most important outcomes of the transformation process is the company’s current focus on new product development based on Artificial Intelligence, which will result in a first release later this year.

In the case story published by the Dreams and Details Academy, SMT Data’s CEO Nils Kierkegaard tells about his reflections about the process and shares his advice about how to succeed in the implementation of a successful transformation.

Read the case and Nils Kierkegaard’s advice here.

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