For SMT Data, 2021 has been a year with many significant and positive achievements. Notwithstanding a world still influenced by various Corona restrictions and the caution that the market has been characterized by, SMT Data has reached important results, such us:

  • A record-high growth in revenue and EBITDA
  • The acquisition of new international customers
  • The development of our software solution (ITBITM) to include the  foundation for the use of new technologies, such as AI and ML
  • A further strengthening and rejuvenation of the organization, which includes now employees from the USA, Italy, India, France, Germany and Denmark, and with far more female employees.

Our motto ‘What our customers achieve is our inspiration’ has again and again been the guiding star for our actions, leading to a successful closure of the financial year. Based on this, the company is now moving into a new area. I am happy to announce that the Board has approved a significant change at the top management level, which is going to be announced soon.

In May 2019, SMT Data introduced the foundation for its future development. Adopting the Dreams & Details leadership model, we have defined the direction for the significant growth path that we expect to continue during the coming years. This in the form of financial goals, and software products, as well as consulting services and organization. In 2021, we fully delivered on the plans we have set out.

2022 has kicked off and with a pipeline larger than ever. The new year is set to be another record year and the Dreams & Details initiative will further be strengthened.

I am incredibly grateful for the success to date, and excited about the year ahead. I would like to express my deep appreciation for our staff team and I look forward to working together with our Dream-Team to support all our customers and partners in 2022.

Nils Kierkegaard, Chairman of the Board


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