2014 has been another successful year for SMT Data with revenue of 18.1M DKK and a profit of 5.5M DKK.

The rather considerable investments made for a number of years in the development of the Company’s software portfolio; general business platform and the internationalization of the Company’s activities have, for the fourth year in a row, resulted in a double-digit percentage increase in revenue.

“During 2014, we have entered important partnerships with major international suppliers, which are expected further to strengthen the Company’s growth in 2015 and onwards” Chairman Nils Kierkegaard says.

At the beginning of 2015, the Company’s project pipeline constitutes more than a fourfold increase compared to the beginning of 2014.

The unique market position of the Company’s software solutions was cemented during 2014. The investments made in providing the software as Cloud solutions have proven to be successful, and also in this area we have seen growth. We consider that, through this initiative, the Company’s competitive position has been further strengthened and are in an optimum position for accelerated growth.

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