Fact-based DevOps and agile capacity management with ITBI


  • To implement a standard system for capacity management and reporting
  • Gain control over mainframe capacity usage
  • Reduce capacity related incidents and costs


  • Implementing ITBI for z/OS


  • More mature capacity management system
  • DevOps transparency
  • Trustworthty and fact-based dialog – both internally and towards outsourced clients
  • Significant cost savings and improved quality of service

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With approximately 3,200 employees KMD is one of Denmark’s largest IT- and software companies and also operates one of the largest mainframe installations in the country. KMD delivers tailor-made solutions for IT outsourcing and application management, with a wide variety of customers in the public- and private sector.

”As an outsourcer, KMD has special requirements around capacity reporting. We need to understand how capacity usage drives our costs, how we allocate those costs internally, and how we charge our customers. SMT Data and ITBI were able to support these needs and also improve our overview of our capacity and give us ability to plan better” says Lars Henrik Jessen, EVP and Head of Technology and Security Services.

ITBI’s ability to enrich the purely technical data with business information made it easier for stakeholders to understand the cost drivers in their own terms.
A single, up to date, ‘one truth’ source for capacity information also reduced the number of internal discussions of who’s data was correct.

”Now our decisions and optimizations are based on documented facts presented in a good overview and gives us a good understanding of the real cost drivers. We are able to have discussions with our users and our development teams based on actual data in one common language” explains Henrik Tonnisen, Capacity Manager.

KMD is now able to follow trends in the capacity usage, compare usage year vs. year, month vs. month etc. The ability to do fact-based planning and optimization has resulted in significant cost savings on the mainframe capacity costs within the first year, as KMD has been able to reduce unwanted peaks in the Mainframe usage, without compromising performance or customer service levels.

“With the support of ITBI, KMD has a more mature capacity management system. This leads to more efficient operations and a sharp reduction in capacity related incidents. ITBI gives the ability to be in control, which is of great value both internally and towards to customers” Henrik Tonnisen concludes.