ITBI – what is it?

ITBI is the solution to reduce IT capacity related costs.

How it works!

ITBI allows you to reduce IT capacity related costs by 15 – 20% by creating transparency into the cost drivers in your IT installation and insight into how business activities affect those cost drivers.
ITBI collects capacity and performance data from your IT Infrastructure. It then combines the data with business information such as costs, which organization is using the resources and for which activities. This data is gathered into a data warehouse and made available to the user through an advanced Business Intelligence reporting tool available through a browser or on a mobile device. ITBI is normally delivered as a cloud service (ITBI as a Service), but can also be installed in the customer’s data center.

The selection and transformation of the technical data is governed by more than 200.000 rules and policies that embody SMT Data’s deep knowledge of how these data can be used and understood. A fully automated process transforms terabytes of unstructured technical data to just gigabytes of information in a well-structured data warehouse. The data is easily analyzed either using the extensive set of ITBI standard reports/analysis or by developing new reports using the standard end-user BI tool. The technical reporting works ’out of the box’ and creates immediate value in identifying capacity and performance optimization potential.

The technical data can be mapped to the customer’s application structure, organization and relating costs. Thereby, technical language is translated to business terms – from “Gbit pr. second to million euros pr. quarter”. Where the technical data is standard, mapping is always unique to the customer.

ITBI is easy to implement, and translation data is read in automatically through a standard interface.

Overview and insight!

This translation provides an overview showing which business units or applications are using which IT resources and at what cost. The enrichment of the technical data gives both overview and insight into the whole company’s complex IT infrastructure. Furthermore, the information is useful to all decision makers within IT operations, application development, vendor management, finance, and senior management. ITBI enables useful dialog and shared responsibility regarding IT capacity costs with other business units across the company.
Just like traditional BI, ITBI enables fact-based decisions and day to day follow up.

The ITBI solution uses the same data for all reporting, but is reported in terms and units understandable to the receiver. In this way the data comprises ‘one truth’ about the infrastructure that is used across the company. It is therefore possible to ‘drill down’ from a business view to the underlying technical view, for example to understand the technical changes that drive increased cost to a business area or vice versa.

Who uses ITBI?

ITBI is for companies with a large and complex IT infrastructure. ITBI is valuable across industries and regardless of whether the company manages their own infrastructure, is outsourced or is themselves an outsourcer. ITBI is for everyone who wants to manage IT with the same overview and efficiency that is expected of other business units, based on facts! Understanding how IT infrastructure is used, by whom or what, and at what cost.

ITBI can be used to gather and analyze data from IBM Mainframe, Windows, Linux and UNIX platforms.

How do I get started?

It is quick and easy to get started with ITBI. Technical data generated by the IT infrastructure is simply transferred to the ITBI server and the solution is operational.

The technical part of the ITBI solution is customer independent. The solution is business agnostic and creates value for all sectors with larger and complex IT-installations. Business data and cost data is however always unique to the individual customer and must be tailored. But these data represent a minor part of the total data input; the majority is plain of the box.