We can help you with your capacity & performance reporting even if you lack the budget and/or time to implement a new solution!

With the ITBIaaS for Z Free Access you can experience the richness of ITBIaaS™  for Z visualizing and analyzing your own data without any kind of binding agreement!

ITBIaaS for Z supports a wide variety of SMF and other records. The Free Access offering is based on just the following records:

  • SMF 70 subtype 1 which gives CPU, PR/SM and ICF activity at the LPAR level
  • SMF 72 subtype 3 which gives performance and capacity information at more detailed level such as workload, service class, and report class. It also includes information on Work Load Manager (WLM)

The ITBIaaS Free Access includes a subset of the over 400 standard reports provided by ITBI for Z and is designed for small infrastructures that only need limited reporting on a single system, but usable by any shop.

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Getting started – fast and easy!

  • Fill out the SUBSCRIPTION FORM below with some basic information about your installation.
  • SMT Data will guide you through the installation.
  • Transfer the SMF data via FTP, SFTP or FTPS.
  • SMT Data will provide you with credentials to log on to the ITBI portal and access the reports.
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Example of a standard report

The screenshot below shows the “zIIP eligible per LPAR” report as visualized in the ITBI Business Intelligence interface.

Read more about what you can get with the ITBIaaS for Z – Free Access here

zIIP eligible per LPAR report screenshot

Example of ITBIaaS for Z – Free Access report (zIIP eligible per LPAR).

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