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Threshold Reporting helps provide an effective and efficient performance management function. Threshold Reporting is the important topic of the coming GSE UK webinar by Senior IT Specialist at SMT Data Ralph Amirtharaj.

The webinar is part of the GSE UK Region Virtual Conference.

Session coordinator: Piara Bhamra

Targeted group:

  • Daily users of z/OS Capacity and Performance data
  • Head of Mainframe
  • IT Management


Mainframe environment is flooded with a plethora of SMF (System Management Facility) records. There are a variety of vendor products providing similar information in a variety of formats. Adding to the complexity, application landscape has changed considerably in the past few years. Although mainframe performance management has matured enough to identify KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in the mainframe environment, KPIs have outgrown and due to the sheer volumes, the task of the performance analyst has become cumbersome and less effective.

Main topics for this webinar:

  • How threshold reporting helps to provide an effective and efficient performance management function
  • How thresholds can be applied across computing resources, like, processors, processor storage, DASD (storage device), coupling facility, system logger, etc.
  • Setting the right thresholds paves the way for automation to trigger relevant alerts and manage the exceptions appropriately

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