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How well is your Mainframe outsourcer managing capacity and performance?

Understanding what you pay for.

A free webinar moderated by DataKinetics


Target Group:

This webinar is for:

  • Contract management/procurement
  • IT Finance
  • Technical personnel responsible for monitoring the outsourcer

in companies with outsourced Mainframe – or considering to outsource their Mainframe.


Outsourced Mainframe customers often lack transparency into how well their outsourcer is managing Mainframe capacity and performance relative to what is optimal for the customer.

The customer seldom has the data or the skills to communicate clearly with the outsourcer on capacity and performance issues. The outsourcer may have limited motivation to help the customer optimize capacity.

In many cases, the customer doesn’t even have the ability to validate whether the outsourcer is invoicing in a correct manner relative to the contract or in a fair manner relative to industry ‘best practice’.

Asking simple questions like ‘how is the basis for invoicing measured or calculated?’ can often lead to significant savings.


This presentation provides an overview of some of the common pitfalls and recommended best practices around capacity and performance management of an outsourced Mainframe.

  • The basic elements of CPU-based pricing for outsourced Mainframes:
    • Understanding MIPS and MSU
    • The pitfalls of MIPS
    • The Mainframe outsourcer’s cost structure
  • Billing models for outsourced Mainframes
  • How to follow up on your Mainframe outsourcer

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