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Understanding and Optimizing Mainframe Batch Performance

SMT Data Webinar

Batch performance is a major component in the overall management of mainframe capacity and performance for most mainframe environments. It is important to know what resources are on the mainframe, how and when they are being used, and for what price. The goal of batch performance management is to make the best use of existing resources to meet batch service level agreements (SLAs) within the batch window at the lowest possible cost. This webinar will focus on various approaches to understanding and managing batch, so it meets those objectives.

These approaches include understanding and optimizing the top batch consumers, balancing the workload, using capping and WLM to prioritize work, understanding bottlenecks such as IO, and analyzing batch utilization in DB2.


  • Welcome and introductions
  • Understanding the batch flow
  • Top batch analysis
  • Workload balance & WLM Importance
  • Disk IO wait
  • Resource group
  • Batch delay report
  • Batch CPU utilization in DB2
  • Questions and closing remarks

Target group

  • Next generation of mainframe performance analyst
  • Mainframe performance & capacity Management
  • Mainframe system programmer
  • Mainframe platform engineer
  • IT Operation
  • Job Scheduling team
  • Mainframe Capacity planner

Practical information

The webinar will be in English, and the lead of expertise is beginners to medium. The webinar is free, and at the end of the webinar there will be an interactive Q&A and Panel session.

As a participant you are required to register in advance. To ensure GDPR compliance we will need your consent to allow for other participants to be able to see your name and email during the session, as we are making use of Microsoft Teams. The webinar will be recorded.

For any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at: marketing@smtdata.com

Registration - Understanding and Optimizing Mainframe Batch Performance

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