Cost control and charge back in a shared mainframe environment.


  • To keep costs under control and make sure that usage matches business volume
  • Provide fact based reports to finance
  • Establish an effective charge-back system


  • Implementing ITBI across the IT-infrastructure


  • Costs under control
  • Transparency for IT finance and application owners
  • Quick response in case of unforeseen increase of usage

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With an IT infrastructure that needs to channel through more than 10 billion payment transfers per year, equensWorldline needs to keep on top of both performance and capacity – and the cost that comes with it.

Luciano Dognini supervises the team that keeps the mainframe and systems running smoothly across data centers in three different countries. Luciano Dognini decided that his custom developed tool for analyzing the performance and capacity usage of the mainframe needed to be replaced.

Today, ITBI provides the necessary information for on-going assessment of any increase of usage not related to actual business volume. The information gathered in ITBI is also used as input to a ‘charge back’ feature. This brings into play measured and assigned resource usage to show which business units are using what, when and at what cost.

This enables the finance department to see the cost of each service per business area. The line managers responsible for IT production, applications and users also receive reports, which keep them up to date with any development and enables them to engage in the cost reduction effort.

In Luciano Dognini’s opinion everyone with a mainframe environment could benefit from implementing ITBI. This goes for people who have distributed systems as well as customers who outsource their infrastructure and need to better understand their workload – and optimize it.