With cost of energy rising to unprecedented levels, looking for effective ways to reduce energy consumption has become a priority for companies of all sizes as well as for governments. In the current energy crisis, prioritizing what is really worth using energy on is not only a matter of improving the companies’ bottom line but also of securing resilience at a societal level.

Reducing energy waste has become a key Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) focus area as well as prioritized cost hunting opportunity.

*Direct energy costs reductions derive from switching off servers after consolidation of workload. Indirect energy cost reduction comes from the positive energy side effect deriving from the reduction of active servers in the physical datacenters, such as less energy consumed by air conditioning, power distribution units, building transformers and the like.

Save energy now

A typical large server installation has 50-60% overcapacity. An idle server consumes around 70% of electricity compared to a fully utilized server. On top of this expensive software licenses can be reduced by rightsizing.

The Server Rightsizing Evaluation service by SMT Data is based on the IT Business Intelligence solution (ITBI™) to gather capacity and performance data from the Customer’s Windows and Linux server environment in order to identify savings potential.

Server rightsizing ITBI portal

Server rightsizing ITBI portal

Server Rightsizing with ITBI™ for Servers

SMT Data installs an ITBI™ data collector on a server in the Customer’s environment and gathers data about capacity and performance from each Windows and Linux server for a period of 2-3 weeks. This data is safely uploaded to the ITBI Data Lake for Big Data analysis by SMT Data’s expert consultants.

The result of the analysis is presented to the Customer by SMT Data and includes:

  • An indication of the capacity utilization and rightsizing potential
  • A prioritized list of rightsizing recommendations and expected results
  • Specific examples showing detailed utilization reports for selected servers
  • Overall conclusions and recommended next steps.

The Server Rightsizing Evaluation service from SMT Data delivers you a first overview of the low-hanging fruit in your IT Server infrastructure after only one week of data collection.

Your effort:

  • Providing a server and the necessary authorizations for installation and execution of the collector software.

Typical next steps:

Business Mapping: The technical data can be enriched with business mapping data, identifying which organizational unit each server belongs to.

Customer access to ITBI: The customer can get access to the ITBI tool and get trained in the discipline of continuous rightsizing by SMT Data’s consultants.

The price:

  • Fixed price up to 2000 servers
  • For more than 2000 servers ask for a quote
Start rightsizing