Do you know that the log data from your IT infrastructure can reveal valuable information leading to significant cost savings of 5 – 20% on your capacity costs?

Most companies struggle to create value from the huge amounts of data available to them on all aspects of their IT installation. These data include measurements of performance, capacity, availability and usage for every hardware and software component in their data center. Mapping this measurement data to IT costs and explaining what business activities or organizations are generating those IT costs is also a challenge.

Our ITBITM tool and services allows to significantly reduce IT capacity related costs, optimize performance and service levels by creating transparency into the cost drivers in your IT installation and insight into how business activities affect those cost drivers.

This allows for multiple levels of understanding from the strategic KPI dashboard level, through tactical capacity management and cost distribution, down to operational performance tuning and optimization.

Our customers have experienced both significant cost savings on capacity costs and the benefit of making fact-based decisions leading  to optimized performance and being in control.

We are convinced your company can have that as well.

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