In 2020, SMT Data has been strengthening its ecosystem relations with several new partnerships.
This is a conscious focus area, well founded in our Dreams and Details inspired strategy of working with collaborations within sales, development, and consultancy.

The boundaries between vendors and customers blur and large corporations face challenges that require innovative solutions. Suppliers need to work as open systems, allowing different competences and solutions to be plugged in and out, and to interact with each other, in accordance with the organizations’ changing needs. Sector specific knowledge needs to be delivered jointly, not least because of the speed of its development. Data and information coming from different systems must be translated and canalized to the right people at the right time.
Solutions must develop into “hubs” capable of intelligently and flexibly combining different technical information, seeing patterns, and delivering back information in easily readable formats to stakeholders and decision makers with varied backgrounds.

ITBI is gradually being transformed into such a hub. The launch of ITBI v152 is a first important step in the direction of enabling AI and ML to work with a capacity data lake. Data coming from other solutions can be merged with data coming from ITBI and delivered back to different stakeholders within the customer’s organizations, based on the individual customer’s needs.

With the addition of new competences to our team in 2020, SMT Data has made itself ready to manage more partnerships and to work on the transformation of ITBI into an even more powerful tool in the hands of its skilled customers, partners and consultants.

Our broad range of partnerships strengthens our ability to deliver value to different stakeholders within our customers’ organizations: from Corporate Development with, among others, Accenture and EY, to Procurement and Vendor Management with Provations and Brooklyn Vendor Assurance, from IT Finance, with Zangenberg, to IT Operations and IT Technical with Living Mainframe and IBM, from Application Development with PKS and CROZ and not least across the world with strong local partners such as DataKinetics and PPS.

New exciting partnerships and joint projects are on their way and we look forward to a thrilling journey of value creation to and with our customers and their external suppliers.

Nils Kierkegaard, CEO

Nils Kierkegaard has been part of SMT Data’s management since 2009. Nils has more than 30 years of experience from executive positions within the IT industry.